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Fantasy is in my opinion the best genre, period.

I love it in my books. I love watching it. I’m all over it when it comes out in theaters. Fantasy video games? Well that statement may be redundant, but from World of Warcraft to the Legend of Zelda, I’m there.

Hollywood is finally getting there, too.

Recently they’ve been doing a fantastic job. From romantic zombies, wizards from Kansas, and dystopian futures, some truly magical things are going on in movies.

On the small screen HBO, the CW, AMC and ABC all have amazing fantasy shows being filmed as we speak! (Er, or as you read and I blog)

But we need more! More specifically, we need fantasy books in television and film.

Turning a fantasy book into a film or tv show is obviously a very lucrative endeavor for Hollywood (or even Broadway, if you think of Wicked). Just look at the numbers for the opening weeks of Breaking Dawn and The Hunger Games!

So why the constant teasing over possible books to movies that countless fans are campaigning for? Why the endless stream of redundant television shows that unsurprisingly get cancelled? Why not fantasy?

Because I love fantasy so much, I’m going to take a minute to pretend I live in a mythical world where my opinion really matters. Here is my list of the 5 Fantasy Genre’s Hollywood Needs Now:


1. Boarding School Fantasy
No, I’m not referring to anything inappropriate. I simply mean that Hogwarts is not the only magic school on the block. Mythos Academy, House of Night, Hex Hall and Vampire Academy are some of the very film-able schools filled with things that bump in the night (you know, other than the teenagers going there). These stories would be amazing films and television shows.

2. Paranormal Chick Lit
I believe we all need a snarky vampire queen on the big screen. Undead and Unwed is a rom-com that is much funnier, sexier and more interesting than a lot of the things out there. If we have Betsey and Sinclair on the silver screen, I might actually watch romantic comedies instead of read them.

3. Urban Fantasy
Since there is a conspiracy to make New York City seem like this great amazing place where everything is happening (you know everything other than its citizens getting scammed by ridiculous housing prices) it would make sense to have some amazing urban fantasy tv shows and movies. True Blood is proof that it can work, so why not give us some Mercy Thompson on TV, or Holly Black’s Modern Faerie Tales (teenagers, sex, dark fae…people will come running).

4. Steampunk Fantasy
Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate would make for an incredible television series. Imagine Downton Abbey in the Victorian era with vampires, werewolves, and soulless spinsters. The costumes! The romantic scandal!

5. YA High Fantasy
The CW is a network that needs a serious infusion of fantasy that, like their current vampire series, is a bit out of the box. YA High Fantasy, like Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness series, would be amazing! Just think about it. Let it simmer.

What would you like to see in film and tv? Tell me below, in the comment box!

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