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Happy Thursday fantasy fans! This week I would like to discuss fantasy creatures, and their popularity in films and books. Nothing makes a story more fantastic than the addition of a mythical being, or magical human.

I’ve compiled a list of The Top 10 Fantasy Creatures. This list is based on what I’ve seen, and read in the past 4 years. So let me begin…*drumroll*

1. Vampires
Vampires are, and probably always will be, the most popular fantasy creatures. Bookstore and library shelves are bursting with stories of the undead. Movies and tv love these sexy bloodthirsty fantasy creatures. Need I say more?

2. Werewolves
Where there are vampires, werewolves usually follow. Vampires and werewolves may be eternal enemies, but the popularity of vampires are what put werewolves on this list.

3. Zombies
From Warm Bodies to The Walking Dead, zombies are loved, hated and feared. But most of all, zombies are entertaining. We love them in our video games, and how many Facebook posts have you read about the weapon on your right being what you’ll use during the zombie apocalypse?

4. Superheroes
It is questionable whether these guys are science fiction, or fantasy beings. I think it depends on their origins. Thor is a fantasy creature while the Hulk is definitely science fiction. Regardless, these speculative beings are extremely popular. There are few things I love more than a super hero movie, or tv show. I know America agrees with me.

5. Witches
I fear that witches might be a supernatural afterthought. Where there are supernatural creatures it is inevitable that there will be a witch. This isn’t always the case, but if you look at TV shows, Movies, Video Games and books, how many have witches as main characters instead of side character? Not too many. Hopefully this will change because I love these powerful women.

6. Wizards
Harry Potter really put wizards back on the map. It has been a few years since the movie series ended, but wizards have not left the minds of the people (especially not Harry Potter fans). I’m sure it won’t be long until another wizard movie or television show brings back these fun and fascinating beings.

7. Dragons
Who doesn’t love dragons? I list these creatures at number 7, but I can see them rising up to the top pretty soon. Harry Potter had dragons, The Hobbit had dragons, and so does The Game of Thrones. These reptilian gods will always be popular to readers, and moviegoers alike.

8. Demons
Demons are the constant bad guys in fantasy entertainment. Supernatural has a near endless list of demons that cause the Winchesters trouble. Even creepy exorcist-like films are putting these beings of nightmare on the map. I think demons, like witches are a popular afterthought.

9. Ghosts
These creepy beings seem to be more popular in fantasy tv than movies. Although the Ghost Whisperer was canceled quite some time ago, shows like Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries are filled with these spectral beings. And who could forget the ghosts of Harry Potter?

10. Mythical gods
Mythical gods have always had a place in all aspects of fantasy fiction. From Thor, to Wrath of the Titans, there will always be movies which focus on these powerful yet meddlesome beings.

Do you agree? What do you think are the Top 10 fantasy creatures on film and in books? Leave a comment below!

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