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As I mentioned in 5 Ways Fantasy is like that Hot Bad Boy, the Fantasy genre is clearly misunderstood. So if fantasy isn’t all wizards and dragons…what is it exactly?

According to Wikipedia “Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting.”

According to IMDB Movies that are considered fantasy range from Ted, a Mark Wahlberg movie about a talking stuffed animal, to The Lord of the Rings a high fantasy story about hobbits and elves.

The term fantasy obviously encompasses a lot of things. This genre is HUGE! This is where fantasy sub-genres come in.

Here is my list of the top 15 Fantasy sub-genre’s

1. High or Epic Fantasy

2. Paranormal Romance

3. Urban Fantasy, which is also a sub-genre of…

4. Contemporary Fantasy

5. Mythic Fiction

6. Young Adult Fantasy

7. Fantasy horror (or Dark Fantasy)

8. Dystopian

9. Alternate History

10. Sword and sorcery (sword and sandal in film), which is a sub-genre of…

11. Historical fantasy

12. Science Fantasy

13. Steampunk

14. Low Fantasy

15. Portal Fiction

Surprised? Overwhelmed? There is a lot to this amazing genre. Thats why I’m here! Once a month I am going to thoroughly explain each of these sub-genre’s to you and point you in the direction of where to find them. You can also leave me feedback in the comments on where you found your favorites.

Leave a comment! What subgenre of fantasy do you think I left out of the list? What is your favorite?

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