Hello! My name is MG Silverstein. I am a budding novelist, avid bookworm, and the writer of this fantasy blog.

My Blog

I’m a newbie writer and aspiring fantasy author. As I obsess over my favorite genre on a daily basis I’d like to post here about my observations, opinions, and even to provide some general information about the different aspects of the amazing genre of fantasy.

What is fantasy? 

This genre is a lot of things. We have fairytales, paranormal stories, urban fantasy, high fantasy….the list can go on for awhile. And while these are amazing genres in books, there is also a ton going on in film and television.

I also like to write about writing. I’m currently working on my fantasy novel Elemental. I’m two yeras into the process, and I still have a bit of a ways to go. I’m considering indie publishing it, but also considering the traditional route too. Both have a lot to offer…we’ll see.

I would love to see your  comments, and opinions on fantasy. I’d like to take some guest posts on the subject. Fantasy is a relatively new genre so there is still a lot to discuss (and debate) when it comes to the subject. You’re welcome to do that here.

About Me

I attend Arizona State University as a second bachelors degree English student. I plan on getting my M.F.A in Creative Writing. My first degrees were in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management. You may be wondering why I’m not a chef…well I love to cook but I hate professional kitchens . I’m way too girly to be covered in food all day (and the stress was ridiculous).

I’m also a wife, poodle mommy, and did I mention that I love fantasy? I’m currently working on my YA novel Elemental.

Guest Posts

Coming soon…

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